Elevators & Parking


There are three passenger elevators serving 6029 Walnut Grove Road.

All elevators are designed for efficient operation. In the unlikely event that the elevators become inoperable, please instruct your staff and patients to first use the emergency telephone located inside each elevator cab. The telephones are connected to the 24-hour emergency switchboard. A building engineer or elevator technician will be dispatched immediately to assist you. In addition, there is an emergency bell that may be pushed to alert the building staff of any problems.


Due to the increase in occupancy in multiple buildings on the Baptist-Memphis campus, the Rules and Regulations for campus parking are now more important than ever. We want to ensure that there is parking for patients and tenants alike. 

There are two parking garages designated for tenant employees. Employees who work in the 6025 or 6027 buildings should park on the top level only of the largest parking garage that is located directly behind 6025 and 6027. This parking garage has a covered pedestrian ramp that leads to both buildings. Those 6027 employees who have been parking at the 6029 Walnut Grove parking garage (Outpatient Garage), may continue to park there as long as parking is available.  

Tenant employees who work at the 6027 building and the 6029 building are to park only on Floors 4 and 5 of the 6029 Walnut Grove parking garage (Outpatient Garage).  

Parking on the Concourse level and Floor 1 and 2 is strictly prohibited as these spaces are reserved for patients. Parking at the front of the buildings or in vendor spaces in front of 6027 and 6029 is also prohibited. As a reminder, physician parking is designated by the Hospital and is also monitored by Baptist Security. 

Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis manages the parking garages and surface parking lots. Please contact Baptist Security at 901.226.5520 with any questions or concerns regarding parking on the Baptist campus. 

Baptist Hospital employees are expected to park in garages and lots as directed by their managers. Anyone who is uncertain should consult his or her immediate supervisor.